the modern flock

2014 Summer Soundtrack

Here’s how we’re getting’ our groove on: First Aid Kit, Jamestown Revival, Little Dragon, Portugal. The Man, London Grammar, Alt-J

Happy Chinese New Year!

Another new project for iPop clicks in honor of the Year of the Horse.

Just give me a sign…

Discount meat? I can think of better ways to save money. Next stop, RediMed clinic… Bon Appetite!

Wondrous Wings

New project preview. We’re all aflutter over our new set of iPop Clicks Magnets.

They just previewed in the Madison Park Group showroom at the Atlanta Gift Market last week.

Full Steampunk Ahead!

New project preview. Had to access the inner metal head for this one. It’s a graphic for a bass drum head for the metal band Void of Reason.  Next on the list is a website refresh. Check them out live at the Masquerade in ATL on Sunday, December 1st. ROCK ON!!

One Wild Ride

Funny how our paths cross sometimes. Our friends at lamp-in-a-box were just as surprised as we were to learn that the art on 3 of their licensed Ford shades came from our Ford Vintage Style Guide. Good to see it’s still in use! Fordalicious man!

TREND ALERT: A pinker shade of pale

A frostier take on Fall… as if to say “lighten up, the coming cold can’t be that bad”

Beautiful Ruins

Naturally aged texture and color.

Sometimes it’s nice to get out… way out.

Northwest Washington State. If you haven’t been–go!

Pattern Inspiration

Sometimes light through a window makes magic.