Happy Father’s Day

Herewith, a brief tribute to my dear father (Eddie, as I called him – dad just seemed to generic) who I miss terribly. Quite a looker in his day. I was fortunate enough to get his wavy hair, gardening and carpentry skills. He was the very best.

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Abstractly Speaking

Wanted to share some mid-modern love. Got this little gem at City Issue this weekend. It’s circa early 70s and probably Scandinavian. Not really sure what it is – maybe a Viking ship. That’s the beauty of abstract – it is whatever you want it to be and something different to everyone who sees it.

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The Good Ol’ Days

Ahhh, back when a healthy dose of grease in the veins was thought of as good for you. Can’t cook without Crisco! After little Billy polishes off that plate of doughnuts he’ll be stuck to the ceiling and out of your hair. Looks like the fried bird nests didn’t go over too well… is that vomit on the side?

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