Your brand is who you are, what you do and how you communicate – a look and feel that’s recognized in an instant. Brand Bird offers full-service visual communications that help you define that look, grow your brand and leave a lasting impression.

what’s your impression?

Brand Bird offers full-service visual communications, specializing in brand development, including style guides, surface patterns, packaging, signage, collateral and marketing materials.

The Atlanta based design studio was founded by Jules Davis in 2005. Inspired by travel, architecture and fashion, Jules believes that being culturally current is paramount in any creative field.

bio: veteran art director, designer, illustrator, film & TV prop maker, Cartoon Network alum, former Los Angelino and avid traveler
education: holds a degree in graphic design and fashion illustration
can’t live without: music, sun, popcorn, (in that order)
favorite animal: greyhound

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Among her varied duties as office manager, paper shredder, and snack coordinator, Minx's primary focus is customer service. She is a super speedy problem solver and always willing to listen, so if your brand needs a boost just give her a whistle. info@brandbird.com