oh hello!

Thanks for checking out Brand Bird, an Atlanta-based design studio founded by Jules Davis in 2005.

Jules (aka me) is a senior art director, designer and illustrator with over a decade of experience in fun stuff like brand-building, licensing style guides, consumer products, surface patterns, packaging, movie prop graphics and an inordinate amount of cross-country road trips.

Prior to creating Brand Bird I was busy working in varied agency, in-house and corporate environments. And not to brag, but I have pretty darn good project management, organization, and production skills to boot!

Now, let’s get personal… don’t worry I’ll be brief. 

some history:  Cartoon Network alum, former Los Angelino, original Midwesterner

education:  degrees in graphic design and fashion illustration

philosophy :  being historically mindful and culturally current are paramount in any creative field

can’t live without:  music, sun, popcorn (in that order)

favorite animal:  greyhound (second fav: kangaroo)